Passive Fire Consultancy Services

BMTech's work is closely connected to the engineering related to passive fire protection. The team possesses the necessary knowledge and technical skills to support research related to passive fire protection systems. Additionally, the BMTech team members are actively involved in the industry, advising and participating in passive fire protection hands-on workshops.
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NZBC Compliance Pathway

In recent years, the design and specification of passive fire solutions have become increasingly complex due to the vast number of service penetrations, fire-rated doorsets, windows, ducts, and dampers being tested and installed in various fire-rated wall and floor substrates, as well as the multitude of solutions available from various suppliers. 

As a result, specialized expertise and extensive knowledge of available systems have become an essential requirement for the successful implementation of passive fire scopes in projects.

Every construction project may encounter unexpected challenges with Passive Fire installations, requiring in-depth expertise. We can provide advice on project-specific applications that are compliant, cost-effective, and fit-for-purpose solutions, even for very complex scenarios.

Among the potential problems that one may encounter are 

  • Passive fire protection systems failing during inspections for Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) renewals. 
  • Projects exceeding budget due to inadequate planning for passive fire requirements during the design stage.
  • Projects failing passive fire inspections due to improper specifications or installations.
  • Projects experiencing delays and overspending due to the need to rectify non-compliant passive fire systems. 
  • Projects not obtaining Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) or Certificates for Public Use (CPU) due to the absence of a proper Passive Fire register.

Consequently, the design and specification of passive fire systems require specialized knowledge and expertise, which we can offer. 

This advice can be provided as a consultation or formal opinion/assessment, with references to relevant standards, fire reports, and compliance documents.